04 September 2008

My Iron Spine launch nerves

Tomorrow I properly launch My Iron Spine. Wish me luck! Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to say, what I'm going to read, and what I'm going to wear (probably something red).


Karen said...

That's me hiding in the canapes, the flicker of a light, a bent page corner. Wish I could be there in person! It's 89 degrees today - blech. Endless Republican Convention dissection on the radio, so here I am on an NZ blog. hugs, K

Anonymous said...

Good luck sweetie!!!

Mary McCallum said...

Hope it went well, Helen, I'm sorry I couldn't be there - heading off to the Chch Festival tomorrow and busy organising family and packing. Hope you wore red. M

Harvey Molloy said...

Helen, I'm looking forward to a report on the launch on your blog. I'm sorry that I couldn't be there. I'm enjoying the book a great deal. I like the way the first part works as an overture to the more biographical poems and I like the way some of the poems aren't afraid to explore the big issues. I'm reading it slowly as I do with poetry I enjoy. Cheers. Harvey

Helen Rickerby said...

Thanks so much everyone! The launch went fabulously. I had a great time, and feel My Iron Spine is well and truly launched.

Karen, we felt you there in spirit. Your parents came in your stead, and I overheard Brian telling someone that he went on a date with your mother. You were missed.

Helen, thanks so much. When can we expect to launch your first collection?

Mary, I did indeed wear red! And we had red lollies around the place, and my very kind sister-in-law brought red camellias to go on the books table. And, co-incidentally, we launched the book in front of a photograph of a red chair. I hope you have a fabulous time at the Christchurch festival!

Harvey, I'm really glad you're enjoying it. As I said, I very much enjoyed Moonshot, and look forward to celebrating its official launch.