10 July 2015

Book launch invitation

I'm just about to publish another Seraph Press book - we're launching Johanna Aitchison's Miss Dust, her third poetry collection, in Palmerston North next Friday. This is a super-cool book, and I'm delighted to be publishing it.

If you can make it to the launch, that'd be lovely. It's at the Palmerston North Public Library, on Friday 17 July at 6.30 pm.

There's more about the book and the author over here, and I've even figured out this online selling thing, finally, and added buttons so you can buy the book online: http://www.seraphpress.co.nz/miss-dust.html.
And, in fact, I have had such a productive day (a precious day of non-paid work), that I've even started a Seraph Press mailing list, to which I will send out very occasional newsletters about what Seraph Press is up to. Wanna join? Click the pic below...