30 September 2008

Moonshot is launched: Recent poetry events I have attended, part 1

I’ve attended a couple of literary events that I’ve been meaning to blog about.

The most recent was Harvey Molloy’s launch for his debut poety collection, Moonshot. It was in the midst of Exhibitions Gallery in Featherston Street. There was a good turn out, and so many interesting people to talk to that it rushed by without time to talk to all of them.

Tim Jones launched the book, which was very appropriate given their shared interest in science fiction poetry. Harvey then talked a little, and read some of his poetry – showing the range of his work from serious and moving, to more humorous. I enjoy hearing Harvey read his work - I think he really brings it to life.

Roger Steele of Steele Roberts (who published Moonshot) also talked (Probably the highlight of the night was when he said I was his hero – I’m not quite sure why this is but think it might have something to do with his liking for my last name – he only ever calls me ‘Rickerby’, in a very business-like tone. If I want to be taken more seriously, I might consider dropping my first name altogether), and he noted that there aren’t many independent poetry publishers around New Zealand. So good on him for continuing to publish poetry and get it out into the world.

Anyway, it was lots of fun, in the midst of a cool exhibtion. More about the launch over at Harvey’s blog.


Anonymous said...

No, no, no – let me explain why you're such a hero:

* First, you're a graduate of the Whitireia publishing course, and ipso facto a highly evolved human being.

* Second, your press has one of the most elegant and witty names – Seraph, a beautiful pun which has created some lovely books, Scott Kendrick's for example.

* You're always warm and friendly, and a great supporter of poetry.

* Oh, all right, I admit "Rickerby" is such a stylish name.

More wings to your pen!

Helen Rickerby said...

Roger, thanks so much for your lovely comment! I'm glad you appreciate my little pun.