06 September 2013

My Iron Spine gets some love, and what I'm doing today

Matchbox Studios, a really lovely art gallery/shop/studio on Cuba Street, has started stocking my Seraph Press books (ie published by me). I also took down some copies of my own books (ie written by me), and they're selling them too. And they've made My Iron Spine their 'zine' of the month! Simon Gennard's review is really lovely, and I'm buzzing that it's getting some nice attention when it's five years old.

What I'm doing today is working on the (hopefully) final revisions of its newest sibling. (I'll tell you more about that exciting news soon.)

I've taken the day off work to have a poetry day; so I've been moving some poems around the manuscript and reworking a couple of more troublesome ones that I know (and my readers have pointed out) aren't quite there yet, but which I still want in the book and so have to lift them. This one, 'Revolutions', has been in many forms over the years since I first wrote it. You can read it in an earlier form here: http://snorkel.org.au/015/rickerby.html.

But I've been turning it over, and around, in my mind, and this is what I've come up with. I'm much happier with it now. I hope you think it's better too:
(If you listen closely, you'll hear hammering and so forth, which comes from the builders working away downstairs, who also inspired a poem I wrote earlier this morning.)

And now back to the poetry!