13 September 2008

Open Mic Extremo at the Poetry Society

How confusing, they've switched the day on me. It's on a Thursday this month instead of a Monday.

What I'm actually talking about is the Poetry Society monthly meeting. They're doing something a bit different this time. Rather than having a guest reader, they're have a Grand Open Mic. People are two bring three poems to read:
  • one of their own
  • one by a New Zealand poet
  • one by an overseas poet.

I'm expecting to hear and discover some new cool poems, and I'm looking forward to sharing some things I've come across lately.

Rather than taking along old favourites, I've decided to bring along new favourites, and will be selecting something from one of the books I bought on my recent post-launch-poetry-book-splurge at Unity. I bought Mark Doty's Fire to Fire: New and Selected poems, Incognito by Jessical Le Bas, Making Lists for Frances Hodgkins by Paula Green, and South (revised and expanded Faber edition) by Chris Orsman. I've already decided on my overseas poet poem - it will be by Mark Doty. But I think I will write more about that, and him, in another post.

Anyway, the important details for the September Poetry Society meeting:

Thursday 18 September, 7.30 pm
Thistle Hall
Upper Cuba Street


Harvey Molloy said...

Helen, I need to stay at home and write reports this week! So I'm not going to be there. Best wishes to you all, and don't forget the launch next Wednesday!

Emma Barnes said...

I'm thinking about coming to this. Are non-members allowed to show up? If so, is it a koha entry, or something more specific, and will I have to read!

Helen Rickerby said...

Hi Harvey, sorry to hear about the reports. I understand report-writing is hellish. I have a friend who used to take up smoking when it was report-writing time, and give up again when it was over. Definitely see you at the launch next Wednesday.

Emma, non-members are very much welcome. It used to be free for everyone, but it might be a koha entry for everyone now (in these days of reduced funding). Maybe someone else might be able to clarify that for me?? I'm quite sure no-one will force you to read anything (though Laurice can sometimes be quite persuasive), but it's a nice friendly non-threatening bunch, so reading isn't scarey at all.

greatkiwipoet said...

Helen flatters me. Replace 'quite persuasive' with 'bossy', and you'll get the idea. It was a great evening. Everyone read something (even those who hadn't planned to), and it wasn't because of my powers of persuasion, but because such a warm and friendly crowd comes along.

It was also the last (I think) public appearance by Jennifer Compton, who returns to Melbourne next week. She read an awesome poem that's been selected as one of Australia's Best Poems for 2008. We've been very privileged to have Jennifer back in Wellington for 6 months, and I'm going to miss her.