15 December 2014

Frankenstein, me and Pip Adam's podcast

Pip Adam, who, if you don't already know, is a really interesting New Zealand writer, all-around lovely and interesting person, and my virtual neighbour (she lives just down the hill from me) has recently started a podcast with the rather perfect title: Better off Read.

I was initially rather alarmed when she asked to talk to me about Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, because I'm really not expert (or very well-read) in 19th-century literature, and it must surely be at least a decade since I've read Frankenstein. But when she said that I shouldn't  re-read it, and that it was our memories of it we would talk about, I started feeling a little calmer. Also, once I listened to a few of her previous podcasts, and understood that the book is just a place to leap off from to other related subjects, I started to feel that I could perhaps actually manage this.

We recorded the podcast on Friday, and it turned out to be actually very fun. It was just like having a really good conversation with Pip, as I do every time we do have a conversation, except that I was a bit more self-concious about a) not coughing (I am recovering from a cold) and b) not rambling (which I have a tendency to do).

As well as Frankenstein the novel, we also talk about its author, Mary Shelley, about movie versions, about a poem I wrote inspired by Mary Shelley and her novel, about other of my poems, especially in My Iron Spine and Cinema, and some other random stuff I expect.

If you're interested, you'll find it here: https://betterreadnz.wordpress.com/2014/12/13/frankenstein/, and do listen to her other ones too. I haven't previously been a listener of podcasts - I didn't see quite how they could fit into my life - but I've started listening to them while doing dishes. Nice to be learning something while doing housework. Makes it less tedious (the housework - not the learning).

09 December 2014

Launch invitations!

This is a little bit late really, if haven't already seen these invitations elsewhere, but better late than never.

Girls of the Drift

First up, on Thursday (11 December), we're launching Girls of the Drift, by Nina Powles - my latest Seraph Press book. This is happening at 6 pm at Matchbox Studios, 166 Cuba Street, Wellington. Invitation below, and you can read more about this very cool chapbook by a new young poet here: http://www.seraphpress.co.nz/girls-of-the-drift.html

Two Pedants

Two Pedants is an awesome web comic, which is about to become an awesome book. I am somewhat biased, because it is drawn by my husband. Nevertheless, it is still the funniest thing ever. We are launching the Two Pedants book with afternoon tea on Sunday 14 December, 3 pm, at the Aro Community Centre, 48 Aro Street, Wellington. The comic below will be too little to read, so you should probably head on over to the website to read it, and meet the pedants: http://www.twopedants.com/2014/11/two-pedants-book-launch.html