28 September 2008

Me on the radio, part 2

My interview with Lynn Freeman about My Iron Spine played on National Radio this afternoon. I think it went pretty well - I didn't ramble too much. I hope I managed to make the book sound reasonably interesting.

If, like me, you were off doing something worthwhile with the sunny afternoon (we went to the Botanic Gardens with my parents and one of my brothers - unfortunately, so did most of Wellington as it turned out to be Tulip Sunday) you won't have heard it. Neither will you have heard it if you live overseas, unless you are Karen, who was alerted by her father that I was going to be on the radio and tuned in from New York to hear the first NZ accents, other than her own, for some time.

But if you want to here it, it's online here: http://www.radionz.co.nz/podcasts/artsonsunday.rss (this one for podcast/mp3), and here: http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/artsonsunday/20080928 (this one is streaming).

I totally love the way you can listen to these interviews over the net. I spent part of yesterday afternoon (while I was putting the final touches to JAAM 26, which will go to print tomorrow - but more on that later) listening to interview with writers over the last month or so. They were so cool to listen to - I got quite addicted. It's such a treasure.


Morgan Davie said...

i listened! i thought you came across very well - it was a lovely, friendly interview and your character came across well as did the collection's style and interests. Hurray!

Helen Rickerby said...

Thanks so much for saying so!

the daily screenwriter said...

Congratulations Helen! Just listened to your interview (the internet is a wonderful thing). Well done. You didn't seem nervous at all and were very articulate (as always!) I think the poem you read fitted perfectly well with the interview too. Another feather in your cap... (which is quite feathery, I must say!)

Tim Jones said...

I agree - both the interview and your reading came across really well.