27 July 2010

Tuesday Poem: 'Camera'


There are a lot of stairs to be climbed
each with a different kind of railing

Darkness is in the basement
her soul in the attic

The attic
is improbable

At first you think this is realist

You are mistaken

There is a key, there are labels
‘Eat me’ really means ‘fuck me’
‘Drink me’ means ‘open your soul’

‘See me’ means putting new eyes
in your sockets

The world transforms
when you look
through an aperture
restrict your vision with a frame

Didn't get organised early enough this week (or last week), so it's one of mine this week. 'Camera' was recently published in the second issue of Enamel magazine. I'm undecided still whether the title refers primarily to a camera for taking photos, or to the Italian word for room, but it's both really. It was inspired by a rather odd, cool, but ultimately not-quite-satisfying movie (for me at least), Fur.

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Emma said...

It's obvious I liked this poem since I published it. But still! I like it.

Helen Lowe said...

Hmmm (of satisfaction), yes, I like, too ...

Helen Rickerby said...

Thanks very much guys!