02 May 2009

Cool things, part 2: Guest poeting in Palmerston North

I'm lucky enough to be the guest poet at Stand Up Poetry in Palmerston North next week. If you're up that way, you can catch me at:

Palmerston North City Library
Sound and Vision Centre (ground floor)
Wednesday 6 May 2009
7.00 pm

Stand Up Poetry begins with an open mike reading - people are invited to bring 5 minutes of their best work. Then I get to read for 20-30 minutes. If we can figure out the technology, I'm also planning to do a couple of poems accompanied by images on a screen - I have some that are very inspired by artwork, and I've always thought it would be cool to try to present them together.

I haven't been to Palmerston North in a little while. I used to go there all the time because my grandparents lived there - my father had grown up there. Don't have many relatives left there now though.

Ok, now just have to figure out exactly what I'm going to read.


Macy said...

sounds interesting. Hope you have a fantastic time!

Anonymous said...

Good evening. Following a trail of links from Hix to here and discovering people I know with blogs. Good.

Cathy is currently in the Wasteland (Palmerston North) promoting Victoria University.

I obviously haven't been paying attention at all, but I have now read all your posts and am slightly updated.

Anything else I should know about?


Helen said...

Helen from 'The Wasteland' here - thanks so much for coming, Helen - you were an absolute star and everyone enjoyed your work immensely!

It was great to meet you!

x Helen (the other one, who isn't the one who lives in Paekak, but the other one...)

Helen Rickerby said...

John-Paul! Lovely to hear from you. You've moved your blog. We should catch up sometime. All the best with your potty training.

Helen Rickerby said...

Helen (I think of you as 'Stripy-sock Helen', rather than 'the other Helen' - though I am often also a stripy-sock wearer, as you now know), thanks so much for having me. I really enjoyed it and have been absolutely buzzing since. Am also a bit sleepy! I think you've got a lovely poetry community up there and you're doing excellent work keeping them encouraged and orderly! Artandmylife twittered that if I saw you I should give you a big hug from her, though I didn't read that until this morning, but consider yourself hugged.

Thanks so very very much for having me, it was a lovely experience. I plan to blog about it soon.

It was lovely to meet you in real life. And sometime in the next wee while perhaps we should do a Helen Cubed reading of some sort!