30 May 2009

The city in New Zealand literature – civilisation or cesspit?

I’ve been a bit silent lately, due to various kinds of busy-ness, but I have several things to blog about, which I hope to do during this long weekend. But in the meantime, perhaps you literary folks can help me out – well not be exactly, but one of my work colleagues.

Ben is writing an entry on images of city life in art and so forth, and would like some help with how the city is represented in New Zealand literature. He also doesn’t have time to read lots of novels, so we’re hoping literate types can all put their brains together and see if we can come up with something.

Check out my blog post on my work blog – http://blog.teara.govt.nz/2009/05/28/the-city-in-new-zealand-literature-can-you-help/ – and please do leave a comment if you have any ideas.

Thanks in advance!

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Trina said...

Maurice Gee's Crime Story is one that springs to mind. I found an interview where Gee says: 'There's so much in Wellington, it's a wonderful place to set stories in - it's got wonderful levels, you go up steps and down steps and you can drop out of one world and into another.' http://andrewjohnston.org/gee.htm