02 April 2009

Snails coming to a screen near me

I blogged earlier about my friend Ed's movie, The Last Great Snail Chase. Well now it's coming to Wellington.

It's being shown at The Film Archive tomorrow and Saturday at 7 pm. And, according to the Film Archive website, if you dress as a snail, you can see it for free!

The movie was independently produced - the result of a mammoth effort by Ed and a whole team of others. As I said before: It's very imaginative, very odd, and full of cool things. It's set in the present day, around a group of friends. The sky is cracking apart, turtles are swimming in the sky, and a colossal tidal wave threatens to destroy the planet. Despite that, everything is going on much as it always does. The tag line is: 'In a world where whales walk the streets, you still gotta go to work'.

For more, you could read an interview with Ed in/on Lumiere.

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