15 March 2009

Things to do: #2 See 'The Last Great Snail Chase'

The Last Great Snail Chase is a magic-realist, independently produced movie that was written and directed by my friend Ed Lynden-Bell. It's showing at the Academy Cinemas in Auckland right now (from the 12th to the 26th of March).

I've seen it twice, and I recommend it. It's very imaginative, very odd, and full of cool things. It's set in the present day, around a group of friends. The sky is cracking apart, turtles are swimming in the sky, and a colossal tidal wave threatens to destroy the planet. Despite that, everything is going on much as it always does. The tag line is: 'In a world where whales walk the streets, you still gotta go to work'.

Some reviews: http://www.flicks.co.nz/movie/the-last-great-snail-chase/.

Because it's showing in Auckland, this isn't something I'll be doing right now (though it's likely to show in Wellington later), but if you're in Auckland, you might just want to go along.

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