18 August 2008

Winter Readings start Wednesday

This year's Winter Readings kick off on Wednesday (which was a surprise to me, because I thought they were all on Thursdays - don't be fooled - it goes Wednesday, Thursday, Wednesday) with Helter Skelter, featuring:
Plus launch of Mark Pirie's new books Slips: cricket poems (ESAW) and Bottle of Armour and Trespassing in Dionysia (both Original Books).

It's at the City Gallery, and starts at 6.30.

Wine/juice and books for sale. Earl of Seacliff will publish an anthology of poems by the readers featured to celebrate the event.

My book is having it's first launch at next week's Winter Reading(!!), which is on Thursday 28th, also at the City Gallery, also starting at 6.30.

For more info visit NZLive.com.


Mary McCallum said...

Thanks for the reminder! These readings are such fun. Poetry isn't taken too seriously instead it's thrown in the ring, wrestled with, dressed up, played with ... I remember Mark Pirie in academic cap and gown one year sliding onto the stage to Mother's Little Helper (Rolling Stone theme that year)and Andrew Fagan picking his guitar up and singing after reading his poetry. And Michael O'Leary is well... Michael O'Leary ... wonderfully charismatic and bursting with the sheer delight of words. I hope to get there next Wednesday, Helen, and cheer My Iron Spine into the world. Good luck.

Helen Rickerby said...

Hi Mary, thanks for the comment.

Mark indeed did dress up again - he wore a cricket outfit, as he was launching 'Slips', his little book of cricket poems.

It would be great if you could make it to the reading/launch - it's on Thursday this week rather than Wednesday - just to be confusing. It would be lovely to meet you.

I'm also having another, more specific launch, which I'd love to invite you to as well. If you flick me an email at helen.rickerbyATparadise.net.nz, I'll email you an invitation - that goes for anyone else who reads my blog, whose email address I don't have.

By the way Mary, I noticed your book is doing really well on the bestseller lists - congratulations!