27 August 2008

Tomorrow's Winter Reading – Update

Winter Readings newsflash: I've heard that, unfortunately, Evelyn Conlon has had to cancel at the last minute. But, fortunately, Harvey Molloy is going to read with me instead. This is particularly cool because his first book, Moonshot, is just about to be published. And, with any luck, he might have some hot-off-the-press copies with him tomorrow.

I've heard Harvey read several times, and have always enjoyed it very much, so am looking forward to hearing him tomorrow - along with me, Niel Wright and Will Leadbeater.

I'm currently still agonising over what to read, and am about to time myself to make sure I don't take too much time.


Mary McCallum said...

Loved hearing you read, Helen. Great to hear Harvey too. It was a fun night. The books are gorgeous.

Helen Rickerby said...

Mary, it was lovely to meet you. And thanks so much for coming! I'm delighted you enjoyed it.