03 March 2009

What else I learned at Woodstock, and my new adventures (?) on Twitter

Following up from my previous post, you can read more about what I learned at Webstock on my day-job blog. Basically, it's about how I realised how important emotion and connection is for me on the web.

And to update that previous post - despite being way more interested in geotagging poetry, I haven't done that at all yet, but have joined Twitter. This is after not being very interested in it, and saying, in front of witnesses at about 5.15 pm last Tuesday, that I would never join Twitter. By around 2 pm the next day, I had joined. Sigh. What ever happened to my principles.

The reason I joined was mainly because we've started twittering (tweeting?) at work, and I wanted to be able to follow it to see how it goes. You can learn all kinds of exciting things by following us: http://twitter.com/Te_Ara.

Just now I tweeted my first poem - or rather a bit of a poem - you can't do much with 140 characters. It is a small bit from Eavan Boland's 'The Black Lace Fan My Mother Gave Me': 'The past is an empty cafe terrace. / An airless dusk before thunder. A man running.' It's a poem I read today, and liked. Let's see how often I actually tweet poetry...

Also, I've put my photo back to normal, because section 92a of the Copyright Act thingy has been delayed.

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