08 March 2009

JAAM 27 submission reminder

Just wanted to remind you all that submissions for JAAM 27 are due at the end of this month - 31 March 2009.

Call for submissions below. For more info, visit JAAM on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/jaammagazine (am in the process of creating a more-proper website for JAAM, but this has happened yet because I haven't found the time, but it's something to look forward too).

Call for submissions for JAAM 27

JAAM 27 (2009) will be edited by writer Ingrid Horrocks, who currently teaches creative writing at Massey University in Wellington.

The theme for this issue is 'wandering'. As well as work that features literal wanderers and travellers (a mainstay of New Zealand literature) we're also interested work that wanders - works that digress in creative ways from narrative, argument, or genre. Wandering fiction, poetry and, especially, creative nonfiction, should be sent to Ingrid by the end of March 2009 at jaammagazine@yahoo.co.nz or PO Box 25239, Panama Street, Wellington 6146.

As always, this issue of JAAM will also be open to general submissions, which should be sent in by the same date.

JAAM 27 will be published in the second half of 2009.


Anonymous said...

As Spongebob woudl say "I'm ready, I'm ready"

harvey molloy said...

Helen, on an unrelated note, are you and the blog's readers aware that My Iron Spine received a favourable review from Tim Upperton in the latest Bravado?

Helen Rickerby said...

Why, no. I mean, I can't speak for my readers, but I didn't know that! How lovely! I'll try and track down a copy. Thanks so much for letting me know!