21 February 2009

Webstock and digital poetry stuff

I feel like if I had double the amount of time, I'd still always be busy. Sigh.

Last week, one of the things I was busy with was Webstock, which is an internet conference that runs in Wellington every year. It was my first year going, so that in itself was quite exciting for me.

The talks were varied, and some were useful in a work-related way, while others gave me some ideas and thoughts for non-work internet stuff. Still others were exciting in a philosophical sort of way.

Outside of this, I was given a couple of ideas about poetry things that I could do on the web, or that you could do on the web.

The first was suggested by a workmate - and possibly as a joke. He said I could geotag my poems. This is actually a cool idea. I don't really know how it works, but you can add things to googlemaps. People often tag photos to a particular place, but there is no reason you couldn't do a poetry layer, tagging poems to the geographic place they are about. I might actually do this one, because I have a poem about Frank Kitt's Park, that was in my first book, and a poem set in Orakei Korako, and possibly some others.

The other suggestion was from a friend, when I was muttering about how I don't really get Twitter. She suggested that I could twitter a bit of a poem every hour. I suggested every day, which seemed more reasonable. I can't see myself actually doing this one anytime soon, but if you want to, let me know. I might even sign up to Twitter to follow it.


Anonymous said...

I totally don't get twitter either but I just signed up to try it. I am making vague attempts to keep it 'on brand' but I keep tweeting about guacamole recipes and stuff.

I'd follow you!

Tim Jones said...

I also joined Twitter recently & have hardly uttered a tweet. I like the poem idea, though!

I think Twitter will be useful for work once we launch the product we're currently working on, but I've yet to see any real value for personal use.

Helen said...

I love the geotag idea!