31 March 2009

Reprint of My Iron Spine arrives

Ooh, how exciting! I came home today to find a box full of My Iron Spines. We've done a small reprint, cos I didn't have any left to sell, and I plan to keep selling (and giving away) this book for years to come, cos I'm quite fond of it.

So if you want one, now is the time. I sell them direct for $20. (Email me at the address in my profile thingie.) You can also get them through your local bookshop for an extra $5, though you'd probably have to ask unless your local bookshop is Unity Books Wellington, or some other lovely independent bookseller type. (The ISBN is 978-0-473-13596-6 – that's the kind of thing booksellers like to know.) Also you can buy it through some online booksellers - New Zealand Books Abroad, Timeout bookstore and The Women's Bookshop.

Perhaps like many poetry books, it has been selling much better via me than via the bookshops. Is that the experience for other (non-famous) poets?

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