13 November 2015

Hoopla and LitCrawling and Poetry Conferencing

I am going to have a crazy weekend of literariness this weekend, with the New Zealand Poetry Conference on Friday night, Saturday day and Sunday morning, and LitCrawl on Saturday night. Phew!

At LitCrawl I'm going to be reading with the other five Hoopla poets (ie we've had our poetry collections published as part of Mākaro Press's Hoopla poetry series): Michael Harlow, Stefanie Lash, Jennifer Compton, Bryan Walpert and Carolyn McCurdie. We're going to try to weave our readings together, have our poems talk to each other, rather than just be six individual poets. We're on at 8.30 at the Concerned Citizen's Collective on 17 Tory Street. Would be lovely to see you there - though there are soooo many amazing things on all at the same time that I have no idea how I am going to choose. I wish I could split myself into about three people... Anyway, check out the programme here: http://litcrawl.co.nz/.

And tomorrow afternoon at 3.15 at the New Zealand Poetry Conference at the National Library I'm going to be part of a panel about publishing with Mary McCallum (Mākaro Press) and Doc Drumheller (editor of Catalyst journal). We're going to talk about what we do and how we work with poets, and will answer questions. I think it's not too late to register to come to the conference, and I understand it's also possible to go to individual sessions and just particular days. More info here: http://www.poetrysociety.org.nz/PoetryConference2015.

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