16 June 2014

Being away, being a New Zealander

I've been away - from this blog (for longer) and also from New Zealand, for a little bit.

It was wonderful being away. We went to some amazing places, saw some glorious things, ate some wonderful things, and spent some time with wonderful people. It has been a bit hard coming back, what unpredictable life, but I think it's going to be ok. Actually, I think it's going to be good.

Anyway, I wrote this thing about some thoughts I had when I was away about being a New Zealander: http://blog.teara.govt.nz/2014/06/16/whadarya-some-thoughts-on-being-a-new-zealander-overseas/.

If you are interested, there are a few travel pics and travel ramblings here.

And here is a picture of the Parthenon...

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Michelle Elvy said...

Welcome back! Good post, and hard to capture just what makes New Zealanders stand out, especially in Europe, I guess. Funny how the fellow mixed up Potter and Middle Earth. To that man in the Museum, those places are just as exotic as Klimt in Vienna is to us!

I find myself often saying to people who ask where I'm from: "I live in New Zealand" -- which is to say, this is the place I most identify with these days, despite being born elsewhere and having lived a number of places other than NZ. It's a matter of where you feel most at home, I guess.

Thanks for sharing!