04 March 2013

Tuesday Poem: '4 March'

4 March

A man pulls bread out of his trouser pocket with a shaking hand
and throws it towards the pigeons

Sometimes I catch a glimpse
of all the sadness in the world

It's most unlike me to share just-written work, but sometimes I like to be unpredictable, even to myself. So, this is a poem I wrote earlier this evening.

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Emma said...

I like it!

Zireaux said...

I'm curious about this "I" and realize the poem's not yet finished. Who is the "I" -- is it the trembling man? Is it a narrator? Is it you? One of the pigeons dodging an incoming breadcrumb? Would be interested to see where this poem takes you.

AJ Ponder said...

Nice - love the spontenaiety and open endedness of this one.