14 October 2012

Reading poetry at Meow

I'm lucky enough to be doing a poetry reading at Meow on Tuesday 23 October (just after Labour Weekend) with Harvey Molloy and Saradha Koirala, MCed by Tim Jones.

Here's the deets:

Meow Café • 9 Edward Street • 7pm • Tuesday 23 October

Saradha is the author of Wit of the Staircase, published in 2009 and will be reading from her forthcoming collection, Tearwater Tea.

Harvey’s debut poetry book Moonshot was published in 2008. He’ll be reading poems from current work in progress.

Helen Rickerby is a poet, publisher and public servant. Her most recent poetry book was Heading North, published in 2010.

Here's the Facebook event thingy:

Here's the flyer:


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Rachel Fenton said...

Very best wishes for the reading, Helen - I'm sure it will be great fun.