01 June 2010

Tuesday poem: Saint


I can see
right through her skin
and into her heart.
It glows blue
like a sapphire
like a large block of ice.
She is draped in blue
and stands in a saint pose.
She holds out her arms
to welcome me.

And as I run
a flurry of white pages with
small black type
fall from the ceiling
blocking my path.
There is no way around
and it’s too far to jump.
Though I know it’s forbidden
I take careful steps across
on my socked feet
and leave only a few creases
as evidence of my escape.

I'm a bit late with my Tuesday poem this week, because I am ill (sniff sniff) and my brain wasn't working.

This poem was in Abstract Internal Furniture. I've always quite liked it because it's opaque, but people seem to see all kinds of things in it. There's a lot more in it than just this, but two things that were kind of prompts for me were my flatmate at the time and the fact that I was in the final stages of my masters thesis.

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LentenStuffe said...

Hi Helen,

I was struck by the dream-like quality of your poem, and I see the muse in there.

Wishing you well.


Helen Lowe said...

Like it a lot, Helen!