19 April 2010

Tuesday poem: Theodora's Adventures through the Looking Glass

Theodora’s Adventures through the Looking Glass

i threw myself
head first
into the mirror
i did not look
before i leapt
i watched myself
in awe

i dropped feathers
and daisies
behind me as i
so i could be followed
so i could find my
way back when
the time came
but, miscalculating the
wind velocity,
the flowers and feathers
blew away, away

and so now i am stuck here
where ever this is
with you
who-ever you are

For my Tuesday poem this week I’m back to me. This poem is from my first book, Abstract Internal Furniture (2001). It’s one of a bunch I wrote about a character called Theodora, who was a kind of shapeshifting everywoman. Those of you who know me well, and who have been at parties with me, may recognise that I too drop feathers behind me when I’m wearing a feather boa, which I find, sadly, I do less frequently these days. In any case, it was an inspiration.

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Mary McCallum said...

Lovely. Lovely.

melissashook said...

I love the miscalculating the wind velocity...
how often we do that...
thank you...

Kay Cooke said...

Feathers and daisies in the wind - what a lovely image.

Helen Rickerby said...

Thanks very much for your comments! I also am quite fond of the 'miscalculating the wind velocity' line - makes me sound a bit scientific.

Penelope said...

I'm taken aback when Theodora suddenly turns and sees me, the apologetic reader whoever I am, following her — poor substitute for a boa feather. Nifty!