18 November 2009

Where can I get me a copy of Watching for Smoke?

Well, seeing as you asked: if you don't already have one, you can get yourself your very own, made-with-love copy of Watching for Smoke, by Helen Heath by:
  • buying a copy off either myself or Helen, if you should be lucky enough to know one or other or both of us personally
  • emailing me at seraphpressATparadise.net.nz to order a copy
  • buying it off Helen's Etsy shop - she just popped it up today, complete with some lovely, lovely photos
  • buying it Unity Books Wellington, if you wait a few more days until I take in the copies for them
  • asking your nice, friendly local bookshop to order a copy from me - they might like to know the ISBN, which is 978-0-473-15379-3.
I've also just updated my Seraph Press website - an uncommon occurrence I'm afraid - to include information about Watching for Smoke, and the upcoming (soon!) Ithaca Island Bay Leaves, by Vana Manasiadis.

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