02 July 2009

Places to submit stuff: Brief 38

Brief is one of those literary mags I look at in the library and always think I should subscribe to. I think the time has come for me to do so, and also time, perhaps, to submit.

This call for submissions was in the Society of Authors newsletter:

You are invited to submit poetry, fiction, critical and creative non-fiction, reviews, art and/or less classifiable work for the pages of the next issue of Brief. Brief is a New Zealand print-based journal, and is newly under the general editorship of Michael Arnold. Brief 38 will be guest edited by Jen Crawford.

A Brief Description of the Whole World was founded in the mid-90s by Alan Loney, who aimed to make a space in New Zealand for writing informed in one way or another by post-structuralism & L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E innovations. Over the years, though, the magazine's been through a few editors (John Geraets, Jack Ross, Scott Hamilton, Brett Cross) and that purpose has diversified.

The magazine remains a home for work that takes aesthetic and conceptual risks. We are particularly interested in writing that is linguistically and visually curious, that inhabits international and multimedia forms and identities, and that is emotionally and philosophically inventive. We aim to open up the contributor list and the readership, and to welcome in new people and thoughts.

Subscriptions can be ordered from the Titus Books website: http://titus.books.online.fr/html/OrderForm.htm

Please send anything you'd like considered for the forthcoming issue to jencrawfordATgmail.com. Submissions will close on 15 July, 2009.

Speaking of the Society of Authors - I finally got around to updating my wee page on it. It includes a pic in which I appear to have no neck, but which I like otherwise. Note the corner of Sean's fab Plan 9 from Outer Space poster.


Anonymous said...

Nice profile page! Is that part of the membership perks?

Helen Rickerby said...

Indeed it is. Since they upgraded the website (late last year? early this year?) all members have the option of having a profile page on the site.

BTW, I just got your ISBN number: 978-0-473-15379-3 !!!