02 December 2008

Exciting things

I am still internetless. Sigh... So I'm going to cram several posts into one.

Exciting thing 1: my book in Unity Books
My Iron Spine is now at Unity Books (finally). Yay! Unfortunately it isn't on the poetry end of the NZ books display table - you'll have to go and find it in the NZ poetry section, should you be looking for it.

Exciting thing 2: reading poetry at Paekakariki Fair
On Sunday I had lots of fun doing a couple of short poetry readings at the Paekakariki Fair, with Helen Heath, Tim Jones and Harvey Molloy. We read some poems, sold some books, bought some books, looked at lots of very cool stalls, slathered sunscreen on our burning selves, ate some gelato (at least I did anyway) and generally had a lovely day. Tim Jones has a more detailed account of it on his blog.

Exciting thing 3: poem from JAAM 26 is the Wednesday poem
Laurice Gilbert's fine poem 'Island Bay', published in JAAM 26, was the Wednesday poem in last Wednesday's Dominion Post. Hurrah! And congratulations Laurice.

Exciting thing 4: JAAM 26 is popular
Well, popular enough to need a reprint. We don't have an enormous print run, but it's run out and is being reprinted as we speak.


the daily screenwriter said...

Congratulations Helen! Your book's in the best bookstore in the country! Definitely the one I'd be the most excited about being in.

Helen Rickerby said...

Thanks Daily Screenwriter, it's my fav bookshop too.

And in more exciting news, I can connect to the internet at home again without my computer crashing! Yay! I've been uninstalling and reinstalling so many things in the last few weeks, who knew it'd be the modem software - not me - though my dad suspected.

So I can start following all of your blogs properly again. Yay!

Tim Jones said...

Good news about both the computer and JAAM! Do you usually need to reprint?


Helen Rickerby said...

Thanks Tim. We sometimes reprint, but not that often, so it is a very cool thing. And, thanks to the wonder of digital printing, not very difficult.