19 July 2008

Happy belated poetry day!

So yesterday was Montana (the NZ wine brand rather than the US state) Poetry Day. Unfortunately, I failed to do very much poetry-related, except continue to agonise over whether to take a poem out of My Iron Spine or not (still agonising), but I did publish this blog post about poetry on Te Ara.

Itwas also the day they announced the winner of the poetry section of the Montana Book Awards, which was Janet Charman for Cold Snack. I haven’t yet read Cold Snack, but I’ve generally enjoyed Charman’s work. The other finalists were Johanna Aitchison for A Long Girl Ago and Fiona Farrell for The Pop-up Book of Invasions.


Harvey Molloy said...

I didn't do anything for poetry day (aside from a little writing) either--the poetry marathon at the bucket tree at Cuba st didn't apepal to me as a venue (just think of the noise). Next year I think it would be good to try to arrange a poetry event on this day as so many Wellington poets seem to be 'out of the loop' when it comes to being asked to read. If you are interested in taking part, let me know. (Hey, I might blog this comment!).

Helen Rickerby said...

Hi Harvey, that sounds like a really good idea. If I'm around, I'd definitely be in (there is a possibility I might be in Auckland around then, but not confirmed yet). I think the thing with Poetry Day readings is really to organise them yourselves, and I imagine we could assemble a fun bunch of people.