06 April 2010

Tuesday poem: Chris's life as directed by Ken Russell

Chris’s life, as directed by Ken Russell

Ever since Ken Russell started directing my life
it’s been one explosion after another

And one morning I woke
to find an anteater on my chest
tearing at my throat

‘That’s the anteater of self doubt’
explained Ken, who was standing
beside my wardrobe
just out of shot

(Poem previously published in Sport.)

The Tuesday poem thing really took of last week, with 12 poets joining in. This week there may be even more. Visit O Audacious Book (www.mary-mccallum.blogspot.com) for a list of Tuesday poems. I'll probably add some links later, when I get home from work.

Tuesday poets:

Mary McCallum

Janice Freegard

claire beynon

harvey molloy

helen heath (new)

tim jones

cilla mcqueen - nz poet laureate - who posts monday, wednesday, friday

fifi colston

ilikesweating (new)

paradoxical cat


kay mckenzie cooke

penelope todd


Kay McKenzie Cooke. said...

Just the right amount of surprise and light. Deft and concise; a dream-like snatch.

Helen Rickerby said...

Thanks very much Kay!

Pen said...

Nice one! I woke up with that thing on my chest this morning. Glad to have it identified.

Helen Rickerby said...

Thanks, and remember that you're bigger than the anteater (I think?).