18 April 2010

Jennifer Compton returns to the Poetry Society

This is rather late notice if you don't already know about it, but poet Jennifer Compton is reading at the Poetry Society tomorrow night. The details:
Our guest poet this month is New Zealand-born and Australia-based Jennifer Compton, currently Writer-in-Residence at Massey University. Jennifer last read for us in 2008, as Randell Cottage Resident.

The meeting will open as always with an open mic and end with a Q&A session with Jennifer. Entry: $5 (members $3)

Monday, 19 April 2010
Thistle Inn
3 Mulgrave Street
Wellington, New Zealand

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Mary McCallum said...

She was at the open mic at the Ballroom in Newtown this evening, Helen. Lovely to see her in her red beret sitting waiting for it to start. She read a terrific poem, too.