07 February 2008

Word Collective Summer Events

The following are some upcoming poetry-related Word Collective events around Wellington.

Bottled (S)Words
A crazy treasure hunt around Fringe 08 venues, for the duration of the festival. Twenty bottles have swallowed the (s)words of 20 wordsmiths. Each vintage is a unique art package put together by a Word Collective favourite, but only bottle one has a golden ticket in its belly. Will you be the lucky Charley who finds the golden ticket and claims the Word Collective Prize Pack? Look out green bottles with orange labels at various fringe venues - be brave enough to uplift the gift- but a warning do not consume the art!

Artists involved include: Dick Whyte, Ruby Nekk, Curtis Nixon, Dra McKay, and Markus McIntyre.

What We Walk By by Dra McKay, at DAF: 106 -106 Aro Street.
This exhibition continues the Word Collective tradition of celebrating informal, guerrilla word art on our city's streets.

Dra, an accomplished photographer, has captured images of Wellington's inner-city street art. Whether they be paint, pencil, paper, or stencil these are witty, eclectic, full of social commentary and part of our daily visual diet. These are pictures of art ... what we walk by.

Opens 5.30 pm Monday 18 Feb and runs to the 28 Feb. Gallery opens at 11.30am each day.

Newtown Spoken Word Summer 08
Right in the middle of this madness the Word Collective will be holding Newtown Spoken Word Summer 08, at the Newtown Community and Cultural Centre, 7.30pm on Friday 29 February.

This is part of the ever-popular Newtown Festival and is one of the largest open mic nights we have ever seen - often attracting over 100 people to listen to 40 plus readers/ranters.

Leap into the year with a celebration of poetry, song, stories and the distinctive beat of Newtown. Entry by koha

Finally an announcement that Howltearoa open mic with a featured guest will be returning in April 2008. Stay tuned for dates and guest info.

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