25 February 2008

Which Romantic poet are you?

I hope you won't think me shallow, but I do rather enjoy a pop-psychology quiz.

This one, which I found on Pearce's blog, is very literary related and therefore appropriate for Winged Ink.

If you do it (I know you won't be able to resist) let me know which poet you are.

Sean turned out to be Byron. I'm a little nervous.

As you can see below, I am, apparently, John Keats. I have no idea why. I'm older than 26, I'm a girl, I told the quiz I was politically liberal. I don't think that truth is beauty and beauty is truth. But a good friend of mine did once pretend to lose a book of Keat's poetry (and paid a huge replacement cost) just so she could keep it, because she loved him so much. So he must have something going for him.

What British Romantic Poet are You?
Your Result: You are John Keats!

Ars gratis artis! Keats had only one idea, but it was a good one: "Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty." Unlike the other British Romantics, he didn't have a political agenda. He died at 26.

You are William Blake!
You are George Gordon, Lord Byron!
You are Samuel Coleridge!
You are Percy Shelley!
You are William Wordsworth!
What British Romantic Poet are You?
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Leonie said...

Hey Helen, I'm Byron. (Though I did a different Romantic Poet quiz five minutes later, and then I was Wordsworth). Hmmm.

Helen Rickerby said...

Hi Leonie!

A rival Romantic poet quiz eh? Where is that one? I'd be curious to see if I'm still Keats.

So you're Byron and Wordsworth. Do you brood while looking at daffodils?

Leonie said...

Always. Their perky little faces just make me ponder the brevity of life - in a deep (and of course sexy) way.

The other quiz, in which I'm the considerably less sexy Wordsworth, is at quizilla.com. I'm sure yours is far more accurate!

Anonymous said...

My god. I'm Byron too. Look out, Helen, you're surrounded by us/me/him... oh dear...

I suspect it is because I am such an athlete, womanizer and gunrunner.

I too am a little nervous, being as I'm fast approaching my Poet Persona's check out age.

C x

Timb said...

I'm Byron too apparently.

So who is Byron? ;-)

Helen Rickerby said...

Who is Byron!?

Mad, bad and dangerous - surely you watched the mini series! Surely you've seen Ken Russell's Gothic!

In my main post I linked to the wikipedia page about him, but you could also have a look at this entire site dedicated to the Life and work of Lord Byron, 1788-1824.

Or possibly you're being sarcastic. Hmm...

I've written a poem about his daughter Ada, who became a mathematician. Was in Poetry NZ, and will be in My Iron Spine.

Helen Rickerby said...

So I found the other Romantic poet quiz: Which Major Romantic Poet Would you be (if you were a Major Romantic Poet). (That really is its name.)

This quiz is pretty funny, but the options are too specific.

Turns out though that I might be Percy Bysshe Shelley rather than Keats:

Famous for your dreamy abstraction and your quirky verse, you're the model "sensitive poet." A vegetarian socialist with great personal charm and a definite way with the love poem, you remain an idol for female readers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hellie Boo
I'm Keats, too! I also took the TV Theme Song Quiz and got 65%, which the Quiz Master said was kind of good - but that the 'harder ones' tripped me up. Now, if I can only find a use for my useless info...

Helen Rickerby said...

Hey Miss 'Anonymous', good to hear from you. Will email you!

Was anyone anything other than Keats or Byron? I think there is something dubious about that quiz.

I cannot believe that you only got 65% on a TV theme song quiz. Must have been something wrong with the quiz.

showyourworkings said...

Ah well, Byron too ;)