07 January 2008

Mark Pirie in Dom Post

If you’re a reader of the Dominion Post, you probably saw the (virtually full-page) article about Mark Pirie and his album-cover-recreation book covers.

In the article, Guy Somerset (out-going books editor) talks to Mark and his collaborator Michael O’Leary about the album covers they’ve recreated on book covers over the last few years.

They’ve done a couple for JAAM, with the recreation of the famous Beatles’ Abbey Road on JAAM 21, Greatest Hits starting the whole thing off.

The Winter Readings always have an album/band theme, my favourites being Tupelo Hotel, inspired by The Doors’ Morrison Motel, and The Manuka Tree, a home-grown version of The Joshua Tree by U2.

I’ve previously pointed out to Mark that his album covers lack women. I suggested doing a Hole cover and he was enthusiastic, deciding he’d be Courtney Love!

Unfortunately the article doesn’t seem to be online, but it can be found on page E3 of the Dominion Post, Saturday 5 January 2008.


morgue said...

Yeah, that was a pretty amazing full-page bit. A lot of them I hadn't seen before, too. :-) Go team JAAM!

Helen Rickerby said...

Thanks Morgue, and congratulations yourself!

Lindy Lou said...

I announced to everyone in the household that the guy in the article was Helen's Friend. Appropriate gasps of awe followed. L xx

Helen Rickerby said...

Famous by association!