17 January 2008

Farewell Hone Tuwhare, 1922-2008

You have probably all heard about the death of Hone Tuwhare - well all of you in New Zealand anyway. Not too many poets get quite so much coverage when they die, but Tuwhare seems to be even better-known than I thought.

I first remember coming across his poetry in first-year English. We were looking at his poem 'Rain', (which is beautiful) and the main thing I remember is being delighted to see he'd liberated himself from punctuation. It was quite a significant discovery for me and now, in my poetry, I tend to leave it out too.

Earlier today, over at Signposts I wrote another post about Hone Tuwhare and his work. I seem to have become the obituaries writer. I hope no more NZ poets will die for a while, we're losing too many.

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harvey molloy said...

I remember reading 'Rain' at high school. I was FOTB (Fresh of the Boat) and there was this great poem. It works on a number of levels and refutes structuralism: the world is out there regardless of our senses, concepts, words. Great poem. I like 'Piggy-back Moon' too...