08 December 2007

JAAM 25 at print

Yay, JAAM 25 is at print!

If you need some background, JAAM (Just Another Art Movement) is a literary magazine that was started by a bunch of people, including me and led by Mark Pirie, at Victoria University in 1995. Since then it’s grown and expanded and now is one of the major literary mags in NZ.

The work in the 25th issue of JAAM was selected by guest editor Siobhan Harvey, a writer, reviewer and creative writing teacher. Siobhan has made her home in Auckland after emigrating from England. Of her selection, she says in her editorial:

Using my émigré outsider’s sensibility and eye, I aimed for samples of the best work and writers from what might be broadly termed the various sections of contemporary domestic literature: those who, for instance, are stridently innovative; those who aim for accessibility; those who are alternative; those who are influenced by American modernism and postmodernism; those who seek to forge a distinctly New Zealand form of postmodernism; those who combine some or
all of these traits; those who reject them all or combine none; and so on.
As you might expect, the selection is quite varied, which is usually the case with JAAM. And, as is also usual, there is a good mix of well-known writers (such as Alistair Paterson, Jessica Le Bas, Jack Ross, Iain Sharp, Kapka Kassabova, Harry Ricketts, to name just a few) along with new and emerging writers.

There are also some images by Peter Schwartz, including art of the cover. It’s going to be a colour cover this time (they’re usually black and white) and will be, I think, particularly attractive.

It’s getting quite late in the year for publication, but I’ll try to give it more of a push in January. For more information about JAAM, or to subscribe, check out the JAAM homepage, the JAAM MySpace page, or email jaammagazine@yahoo.co.nz.

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