11 December 2007

Howling at Howltearoa

So last night I finally made it down to Howltearoa, at the Southern Cross. And indeed, there was actual howling to be heard.

It was lots of fun and lots of variety in both performers and performances. There were a lot of keen people in the open mike section. While it was mostly poetry, there was also prose, song and mixtures of all three. Pieces ranged from funny to intense to political to love poems to limericks to Mike Tights reading a poem using some device to make his voice sound like a robot (which unfortunately also made it impossible to make out any words, except ‘Can you hear me?’)

My own contribution was to read my poem ‘Handicrafts with Minnie Dean’, wherein I knit baby clothes with the notorious murderess.

Highlights included Matiu’s intense song, Andy’s poem about the corpse of Saddam Hussein (really it is much better than it sounds from that description) and Hamish’s piece about Jack who wrote secrets on his shoes.

If there was a prize for best use of the Shortland Street theme song in a spoken-word performance, it would have to go to Craig Ireson (Karaoke Poet, Word Collective stalwart and co-MC for the night), who introduced ‘Is it you or is it me? Lately I’ve been lost it seems. I think a change is what I need’ into his opening and welcoming ‘address’. (Which also included him singing the familiar ‘Come aboard, we’re expecting you’.)

My previous experience of the Word Collective is of a group that is welcoming and encouraging, and last night was more of the same. Howltearoa is taking a break until March or April next year, but I’ll be back.

In other news: today I went to L’s graduation (finally!) Congratulations.

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