13 February 2010

Poetryish stuff to do: Poetry Cafe at the Ballroom Cafe

A new Poetry Cafe is starting up next Sunday at the Ballroom Cafe in Newtown. I believe it's being run by Neil Furby, who previously ran the Poetry Cafe in Porirua, and L E Scott, our local jazz poet. I'm really pleased to see another regular poetry event in Wellington - I think all we had left was the Poetry Society after the sad demise of Aunt Daisy's in Titahi Bay.

Anyway, the details:

Sunday 21 Feb (and the third Sunday of the month thereafter)
4 pm onwards
Ballroom Cafe, upstairs, corner of Adelaide Road and Riddiford Street, Newtown.

1 comment:

Tweetybird said...

what has happened to Porirua for us avid poets go go and travel to Wellington for some good poetry??
Miss the times out here...
And what with Aunt Daisy's closing down and other places what is porirua coming to??

I would like to see something out this way start up again.
Am happy to help out.