22 March 2008

Review of JAAM 25

There's a review of JAAM 25 by Amy Brown in The Lumiere Reader.

It's a pretty positive review, picking out the connections between some of the peices and mentioning some favourites, such as Sarah Jane Barnett's poem 'Grandmother' and Craig Cliff's short story 'Christo Redentor'.

I found myself childishly irritated with her criticism of JAAM's paper stock and comment that it isn't the glossiest of literary mags - given that 25 is probably the prettiest yet. But we aren't aiming for glossy (especially given my penchant for matt laminate over gloss), we're aiming for accessible quality.

But she goes on to say: 'It is, however, a consistently well-edited forum for the work of both established New Zealand writers and promising newcomers.'

The Lumiere Reader is a pretty cool site, which I need to spend some more time having a look through. There's lots of reviews and they now include some fiction and poetry.

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